Team Death - Not Like You


Image of Team Death - Not Like You

SickTanicK & Razakel are Team Death, proudly presenting their first full length album in three years - "Not Like You". A new redefined sound from the undergrounds most controversial couple.

Featuring 14 tracks of brand new innovative material mixing together for the first time elements of Horrorcore, Dubstep, Techstep, Industrial, Electronic & Metal. This album will redefine innovation and expression in the most solid release from Team Death to date. A must have for old-school fans and new-school fans alike!

1.Horns Up
2.Want Me To Be
3.Stands Against Us
4.Playing Columbine
5.So Full Of Hatred
6.Suicidal Fetish
7.Children Of The Grave ft Dark Half
8. .98
9.Aint Jesus
10.The TD Tapes
11.Put It Down
13.Not Like You
14.Ghostly Confessions ft Micah Moses
15.Ritual Rape (Techstep Remix)
16.Femicide (Perfect Prison) - (Techstep Remix)

by SickTanicK , Razakel , and Team Death ,