Team Death - Matthew 12:31


Image of Team Death - Matthew 12:31

The first LP released on SKR by the Dynamic "Match Made In Hell" SickTanicK & Razakel.

1.The Ritual
2.The Invitation
2.Heaven Bleeds
4.Burn (Produced By BadMind)
5.Kill The Christians (Produced By Razor Ruckus w Live Instruments by Sam Beckley)
6.Resurrection Undone
7.Bleed 4 Me Bleed 4 You
8.Eyes Of Hatred (Produced By BadMind)
9.Never Decieved
10.End Of Days ft Razor Ruckus
11.Unforgiveable Sin
12.Minute Of Decay
13.Excess Baggage

by SickTanicK , Razakel , and Team Death ,