SKR The Mixtape Volume 2 (2 Disc Set)


Image of SKR The Mixtape Volume 2 (2 Disc Set)

SKR The Mixtape Vol.2 (Pressed Version for Collectors) Is a two disc cd set giving you the complete SKR Mixtape Vol.2, Over 30 tracks total! (Non Current roster)

1 Were Back
10 Con Crete Ft Stitch Mouth Check That Hoe
11 Razakel Did It On Em
12 Komatose Carnivore
13 Razor Ruckus Ft Two Clipz Been There Done That
14 Stitch Mouth Ill Cut Ya Throat
15 Team Death Not Like You
16 Con Crete Keep On Hatin
17 Komatose Because Dead
18 Two Clipz You Know This
19 SickTanicK Witness The Power
2 SKR Killaz
20 Razakel Never Go Away
21 Con Crete SKRs In The Buildin
22 Komatose Razakel & Two Clipz Find You
23 Stitch Mouth Get Em Drunk
24 Razor Ruckus Sex Drugs & Razorblades
25 Two Clipz What You Starin At
26 Team Death So Full Of Hatred
27 Con Crete Die Bitch Die
28 Stitch Mouth Stay Rollin
29 Razakel Look At Me Now
3 Con Crete Sexual Sadist
30 SickTanicK Sympathy For The Devil
31 Two Clipz Rollin In The Deep
32 Who Run It
33 Razor Ruckus Horrorcore Rise
34 Stitch Mouth Chop House
35 Komatose Rubber Room
36 Razakel Smoke Out
38 SickTanicK Dont Hurt Me

by SickTanicK and Razakel