SKR The Mixtape Vol.1 (2 Disc Set)


Image of SKR The Mixtape Vol.1 (2 Disc Set)

One of the most Legendary Underground mixtapes in the wicked underground.25+ Tracks, of one of the most downloaded online mixtapes, featuring exclusive production by SickTanicK this TWO DISC set features what some SKR fans call "Classick" Songs.
NON Current Roster.

Disc 1

2.Southwest Royalty (Remix)
3.Team Death - L1ke Charl1e & Sad1e
4.Mental Ward - Is It Some Devil?
5. Razakel - Die Bxtch
6.Stitch Mouth - The Southern Devil
7.Two Clipz - Static ft The Downriver Rat
8.Razakel ft Stitch Mouth & SickTanicK - Creepwithakilla
9.SKR Slaughterhouse (The 6 Mix)
10.Concrete Go To Hell
11.Demonic ft Lyssa Cer T.C. & Wayne Dub - New Religion
12.Razakel ft Lyssa Cer & Smallz One - OH (uglycrosseyedgreenfakehairedhoez)
13.Stitch Mouth - There Will Be Blood - Chopped & Cruxed By DJ Crux
14.SickTanicK - Kill Gods People
15.Komatose - I Bring Death

Disc 2

1.Razakel - My Boyfreinds Back
2.Two Clipz - In Tha Mornin
3.SickTanicK ft Razakel Stitchmouth & Bloodshot - Someones Watching Me...
5.Razakel ft Stitch Mouth & SickTanicK - Death Obsessed
6.Concrete & Two Clipz - Darkside
7.Team Death - Save You Now ft KGP
8.Two Clipz - Thats Gangsta
9.Razakel ft Lyssa Cer - Aint No BXTCH
10.Phiroze - Till The End
11.Razakel ft SickTanicK - Dead To Me
12.Stitch Mouth - BTRK Chopped & Cruxed By DJ Crux
13.Team Death - Frail (Now Your Gone)
14.SickTanicK - Say Goodbye To Yesterday Part 2
15.Serial Killin Records - (6 Killaz 6 Bars 6 House)

by SickTanicK and Razakel